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Safety Glasses

Eye injuries cause heavy financial costs to individuals. Injuries can result in permanent damage to the eye and a persons vision. Safety spectacles to prevent foreign bodies, dust, and wind entering the eyes. Most eye injuries happen when safety glasses are not worn or insufficient spectacles are used.

Manufacturers of safety eyewear are not just focused on function but fashion is now considered in the design process.All our safety glasses are certified and compliant with Australian standards. Lenses are impact and penetration resistant whilst frames are resilient and of excellent quality. Lens design includes the single vision, bifocal, progressive or multifocal, transition or polarised. Frames need to be lightweight and durable and fitted correctly.

Our practice uses Prescription Safety Glasses (PSG) as our supplier. They have been manufacturing safety eyewear since 2004. All the frames supplied are either plastic, stainless steel or titanium. They closely follow the shape of the face which reduces gaps and stops flying debris entering the classes from either the side or below the frame. Over 95% of the lenses used are polycarbonate. We are qualified to ask questions and understand the appliance that best suits the individual, so that duties are performed safely.