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Children's Vision

Often a child is not aware they may have a problem with their vision. It is important for parents to help identify any signs or symptoms as children often lack the benefits of adult's experience. Children may assume that the way they see things is the same as everyone else does.

Once recognised, any vision defects are easy to correct. There are many clues to possible vision problems in children.

          Holding a book very close while reading

          Lack of concentration

          Red eyes/Frequently rubbing eyes

          Frequent blinking

          Sensitive to light

          Eyes screwed up while watching television or sits too close

          Light sensitivity

          Leaves out or confuses words while reading

          Covers or closes one eye whist reading

          Complains of headaches, blurred vision or double vision

Some of these problems can be missed in school vision tests and other vision screenings. Children should be examined before turning three years old and also before starting school. Children should take a break from reading every 20 minutes. Computer screens should be about 50 cm away from the eyes. Video game should be played as far back as the lead allows. Sit at least 2.5 metres away from the TV screen. Sunglasses will reduce the amount of UV rays reaching a child's eyes.

Regular eye examinations are essential. Children's vision can change rapidly and your optometrist can advise on the regularity of your child's eye examination.